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Tired of Spending Car Wash Fees?

Did you know that on average, the normal American spends sixty dollars or more, on car washes every year. That averages to about five dollars a month, if you think about it that is a lot of quarters. But, I would recommend washing your car at your house, if you have a water hose outside, that works, and after saving you can probably save around twenty dollars year or maybe more, depending on how often you wash your car.

Tired of Spending Car Wash Fees? #1

Start out by shopping for your car’s cleaning supplies. And, the best place to get them is at Wal-Mart, because, everything is cheap at Wal-Mart. And, you will need the following: car liquid soap, Armour All shine clothes, carpet cleaner, and plenty of white clean towels. These are basic car spares which you should stock up on.

Tired of Spending Car Wash Fees? #2

Okay, so you have your supplies, now head home and start washing your car. Chose an open area in your front yard and water hose the car down to loosen dirt. And, then take some car liquid soap, and a white towel and spray with nozzle in bucket to make bubbles, because bubbles means you will have a clean car to drive.

Tired of Spending Car Wash Fees? #3

Now start to clean the car from the front to back and scrub really good with white towel. And every five feet scrubbed be sure to hose it down, so the car liquid soap will not dry. And get the chrome real good, because it will show. Now that you are done, make sure you dry the car down with plenty of white towels, and get the windows real good.

Tired of Spending Car Wash Fees? #4

Now, clean the inside of the car by vacuuming, the carpet and seats. And, then using the carpet cleaner, mixed with water and a clean towel, to wipe down the cloth seats and carpet, and the smell will be good. Now use the Armour All shine clothes, to shine the dashboard, and tires, just shine in a circular motion to get a full shine capacity. And, be sure to shine the steering wheel to remove dust, and also clean the windows inside with some glass cleaner if you have it, if you don’t have it just use newspaper, it really works. Also, make sure to take a clean wet rag with a little car liquid soap on it and clean the inside of the doors and dust your car in crevices and under the seats, because thats where spiders like to live.

Finally, you are done cleaning your car, not only will your car look good, but you will have a car free of spiders and dust mice, and that is a very nice feeling.

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